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New Product

Alliance Shading is now furnishing and installing the ONLY UL Listed “SMART-FILM” available in the USA which is an electronically controlled applied window film that changes instantly from clear to opaque at the flip of a switch, remote, Wi-Fi app or automation system. Smart-film can also be controlled with a variable dimmer to control the view from 0-100% and anything in-between. Smart-Film comes in several colors, can be any shape or size, applies to existing smooth glass or can be used in many different ways, such as room dividers, projection screens, smart or standard marker boards, display cases, billboard advertising, use in autos, boats, or just about anywhere you need controllable view on glass. Smart-Film is for retrofit existing glass or new construction. Power consumption is minimal and the wiring is low voltage which uses a very small gauge wire, easy to hide and install. For more info check out the products tab on our website and click interior, you will see Smart-Film with all the specs.

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